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Join hosts Jim Leporati and Lynette Calabrese as they explore the world of martial arts every week on Martial Arts View!

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1. In Memoriam We here at Martial Arts View all mourn the loss of our good friend and brother martial artist James Cama who passed away in Brooklyn, NY recently. Sifu Cama was a truly a "martial artist's martial artist," who attained high levels of skill in arts as diverse as Goju Ryu, Fut Sao Wing Chun and Southern Praying Mantis. Our deepest condolences go out to his friends and family. The loss of such a unique individual diminishes us all. He will be deeply missed.


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MARTIAL ARTS VIEW can be seen Saturdays at 9:30 AM EST on Channel 68 (Cablevision) or Channel 79 (Time Warner) in Brooklyn, RCN 83 in Manhattan and Verizon Fios 43 in all five boroughs or worldwide via live web simulcast (Ch. 2)

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Southern Praying Mantis Boxing is a devastatingly efficient "short-hand" system from Southern China. With an arsenal of techniques and movement strategies designed to overcome everyone from the street-brawler to the expert, tuition in this exotic art is very hard to come by--until now that is! Join us as Sifu James Cama explains the theories, concepts and combat applications behind the Mantis style in a rare interview. [Preview Episode] [View Episode]


The Scholar Warrior: Competition in the Martial Arts. What exactly is the role of competition in the martial arts today? Does it really prepare a martial artist for an actual encounter or is it merely a game with little real applicability? In a rare discussion, our panelists take these issues head on. Mandatory viewing! [View Episode]


The Scholar Warrior: Form and Fighting. In a revealing panel discussion moderated by Sifu Michael Pekor, Dr. John Crescione, Sifu Avi Schneier and Sifu John Leporati discuss the relationship between form and fighting. Also: Should Chinese Wu Shu be an Olympic sport? The answer may surprise you. [View Episode] [Bonus Footage]

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