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Four Poems by Master Ken Lo [Abstract: Master Ken Lo of the Wu Mei Kung Fu Association, an accomplished poet, painter, calligrapher and tea master, reads four poems on martial arts, tea and the very nature of reality itself.]

Traditional Karate in a Modern World by Sifu Michael Pekor[Abstract: This article explains how the ingenious conditioning methods of an ancient battlefield art can be used to create stronger, healthier more alert children and adults.]

Bodhidharma and Patanjali: The Father of Zen and the Father of Yoga by Sifu John Leporati [Abstract: This article traces the influence of classical yoga on the development of Shaolin Kung Fu.]

The True Transmission: Exploring the Controversy by Sifu John Leporati [Abstract: Who's transmission of a given martial style can be said to be authentic? Why is there often such a variation between students of the same master?]

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"Pen and sword in accord." Centuries ago, when Martial Arts had reached a golden age in China, there emerged an elite class of martial artists who combined high martial skill with thoughtful reflection to produce a new type of boxer: the Scholar Warrior.

  • It is in that spirit that Martial Arts View presents its on-going series of panel discussions and interviews with martial experts from all different styles entitled The Scholar Warrior (TSW). This series of programs brings together martial artists of varied expertise to discuss a wide-ranging series of topics. Be on the look out for the latest series of specials featuring some of the most intellectual practitioners around. Also, keep checking this page for articles, videos and additional content designed to appeal to the thoughtful martial artist. In the meantime, check out the episode guide for TSW episode descriptions and catch the episode archive if you can't catch the show in your area!

The Governor of Yan Men
Black clouds bear down upon the tottering town./ Mail glints like golden fish scales in the sun./ Bugling invests the sky with autumn splendor/ as crimson forts freeze in the purple dusk./Red flags, half-furled, withdraw to the river Ye./ Our drumrolls faint, muffled in heavy frost./And to repay honor conferred from the Golden Dais,/ I draw my jade dragon sword to die for my Emperor.

--Li He (Tang Dynasty)

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