Jim and John Leporati (The Leporati Brothers) have been involved in film production, writing, editing, design and directing and teaching for many years.

They formed their production company, Spiritual Boxer Productions, with the intent to produce Martial Arts View, an anthology series that would showcase the best New York area martial artists with an eye towards preserving the vital legacy of the fighting arts as transmitted to these great teachers. The brothers wanted to produce a show of high quality, which would document the lives and experiences of many great martial arts teachers in a thought-provoking, entertaining and archival way. The result was Martial Arts View. The first season of 12 half-hour episodes covered such diverse subjects as the influence of sport competition on martial arts, the value of forms work, the context of spirituality in a fighting art, even the influence of music in martial traditions. Now in Season 6, the show shows no signs of stopping.

"We wanted to really get it out there and produce a new type of show: one that accurately represented the kinds of profitable discussions we've had often throughout the years," says producer Jim Leporati. "That's true," adds brother John. "We all came of age in New York City in the 70s. There were a million kung fu grindhouses in Times Square showing the Bruce Lee and Shaw Brothers films 24/7. Today, we still have martial arts events and movies, but the martial culture has changed. People have more access to information about martial arts, but less access to the expertise of truly great practitioners. There aren't many places people can go to hear martial arts experts discuss their styles in a thoughtful scholarly way. Years ago, you'd compare what you were doing to what others were doing, to what you saw on the movie screen, to what you read about. Then you would practice, discuss and refine."

"That's what we wanted this show to be," concludes Jim. "Like your partner in the extended martial conversation that is your training and your life."

MARTIAL ARTS VIEW can be seen Saturdays at 9:30 AM EST on Channel 68 (Cablevision) or 35 (Time Warner) in Brooklyn, RCN 83 in Manhattan and Verizon Fios 43 in all five boroughs. The show is also simulcast nationwide and internationally via the BCAT Webcasting Service (select Channel 2). Episodes are also available for immediate viewing in our Episode Archive.

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Sifu Jim Leporati

Sifu Jim Leporati
(Host and Producer) Sifu Jim Leporati has been practicing and teaching Tai Chi Chuan for over 30 years. A licensed acupuncturist with a practice in New York, Jim has also done extensive research on the health benefits of Tai Chi. As a film producer, Sifu Jim has co- produced a feature-length film and well as several short subjects, documentaries and countless videos.

Lynette Calabrese

Lynette Calabrese
(Co-Host) As talented as she is beautiful, Lynette Calabrese has been a model, a singer, a professional educator and a personal fitness trainer. An avid martial artist and kickboxer, Lynette is highly sought after for the unique perspective she brings to the movement arts. When she's not teaching, Lynette makes her home in Brooklyn.

Sifu Mike Pekor

Sifu Mike Pekor
(Special Guest Host) Sifu Mike Pekor has studied various forms of internal and external boxing for over two decades. An accomplished teacher of Tai Chi Chuan, Mike runs Tai Chi Kung Fu of Long Island, one of Long Island's most progressive Tai Chi-Kung Fu studios. A Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Mike also offers hypnotherapy for a variety of problems.

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