Peacemaker, Buddhist and Conflict Resolution Specialist Jessica Gerrard explains how the Path of Enlightenment and the Path of the Warrior are one and the same. From S3:E7 (10:00)

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Unquestionably one of the finest jazz musicians alive today, "Sweet" Sue Terry is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. Her latest project involves creating music to accompany Tai Chi practice. From S1:E7 (8:00)

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In this unaired segment from Tai Chi Chuan: Myth and Reality, Mario Mapoli discusses his first experience pushing hands with his teacher Stanley Isreal as well as comments on the events leading up to this life-changing encounter. S3:E12 (6:00)

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In this bonus interview segment from Kalaripayatt and the Martial Arts of India, kalaripayatt expert Joseph Aranha discusses the relationship between kalaripayatt, yoga and meditation as well as the esoteric energetic systems that make these disciplines complementary. S4:E2 (15:00)

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In this special unaired bonus seminar, Sifu James Cama of the Chinese Freemason Athletic Club explains the concepts of rooting, fa jing, shock power and explosive striking found in Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu. S4:E5 (16:00)

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Click here to hear Master Ken Lo discuss the arduous physical training necessary to master the Wu Mei Style of Kung Fu. From (S5:E5)

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