Imaizumi Sensei and the students of the New York City Shin Budo Kai Hombu Aikido Dojo demonstrate the dynamic art of Aikido. From S3:E5 (4:16)

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Kataoka Sensei and the New York City Kendo Club show us the Way of the Sword. Don't blink! From S3:E4 (4:21)

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Master Gianfranco Pace demonstrates the entire range of the Chen Style of Tai Chi: form, weapons, drills and applications. From S1:E10 (4:30)

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Prof. Abara and the students of Capoeira Brasil demonstrate Capoeira in its most explosive form. From S3:E8 (3:37)

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Sensei Tony Botan and the students of the Fuji Ryu Jujutsu Dojo demonstrate the most combat-efficient style of jujutsu you've seen yet! From S3:E9 (3:12)

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Explosive full contact kung fu platform fighting direct from the annual U.S.K.S.F. International Tournament in Maryland. Hold on! (3:12)

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Video Spotlight: Wu Mei Kung Fu in Action! Master Ken Lo and his students at the Wu Mei Kung Fu Association demonstrate the full range of Wu Mei Style Kung Fu.

If Martial Arts View is known for anything, it's our many school-based action videos. Now, for the first time, in response to the many calls and emails we have received, we are making many of these videos available for viewing on our website. So sit back, relax (if you can!) and enjoy these remarkable videos of even more remarkable practitioners and their students at their very best.

Note: Our videos are very high quality and depending upon your system and connection speed, may take a minute or two to load. Please be patient.

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