Sifu James Leporati and Sifu Mike Pekor discuss how the undifferentiated predated the dualistic universe and its relationship to the "Supreme Ultimate" of Tai Chi Chuan. (8:30)

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Sifu John Crescione discusses the shift in interest taking place in the next generation towards the martial arts and the emergence of the next martial arts superstar. (4:00)

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Sensei Thomas Casale discusses his early training and explains what he learned from each of the famous teachers he has studied with. (3:00)

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Sifu John Crescione, Sifu Avi Schneier and Sifu John Leporati discuss how the process of acquiring skill in martial arts has changed radically over the years in this unaired segment from The Scholar Warrior (TSW) series. (6:00)

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Teaching Tai Chi in Non-Traditional Settings. Beyond the local park or even the kung fu school, these teachers are taking tai chi to all new populations and venues. Sifu Marisa Coluccio, Sifu Raymond Yuen and Sifu Fred Mirer are profiled. (9:00)

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