Shaolin Kung Fu is known the world over for its powerful and scientific method of training. In this episode, we visit the Manhattan Shaolin Kung Fu Center and its director Master Chao Hai, a 34th generation disciple of the Shaolin Temple, who explains and demonstrates the ancient arts of kung fu and chi kung and explains the relationship between Chinese Boxing and Buddhism. [Preview Episode] [View Episode] (S2:E6)

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Capoeira is one of the most intensely beautiful and intensely deadly martial arts around. Founded in Brazil by African slaves, this unique style incorporates music, dance and sophisticated fighting tactics into a deadly game of life and death.[Preview Episode] [View Episode] (S3:E8)

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The Art of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, was a towering figure in the martial arts. In this episode, we profile one of the last of Ueshiba's direct students, Shizuo Imaizumi, a 7th dan and the founder of the Shin Budo Kai Hombu Dojo in New York City. We also explore the roots and history of this fascinating martial art. [Preview Episode] [View Episode] (S3:E5)

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The Science of Mind For centuries, the science of self-defense and the science of mind have been inextricably linked.The ancient masters of the martial arts were also psycho-spiritualists who seemed to see into the very nature of reality and existence. In this episode, the psycho-spiritual aspects of the martial arts are explored. [Preview Episode][View Episode](S3:E7)

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Fuji Ryu Jujutsu is a modern neo-classical style of jujutsu with roots in styles going back hundreds of years. Based on a fusion of the most no-nonsense, combat-efficient collection of techniques and refined over decades of actual street combat, Fuji Ryu stands preeminent among the modern self-defense arts. [Preview Episode] [View Episode] (S3:E9)

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